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Precise Mind Inc. is neither an RIA (Registered Investment Adviser) nor a Broker Dealer. The signals and strategies are not tailored advice, and they are only for informational and educational purposes and are not to be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor is it to be construed as a recommendation to buy, hold or sell (short or otherwise) any security. It is up to the investor and traders to make their own investment decisions.

Part One:

Precise Mind Inc. does not collect information regarding the investment objectives, financial situation, or risk profile of any of its members, and therefore any information provided by this apps/website cannot be construed as individualized financial advice. All opinions, analyses, and information included herein are based on sources believed to be reliable and written in good faith, but no representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied is made, including but not limited to any representation or warranty concerning accuracy, completeness, correctness, timeliness or appropriateness.

In addition, we undertake no obligation to update such opinions, analyses, or information or to keep such opinions, analyses, or information current.

As part of a paid subscription to this apps/website, members may receive messages via email or our apps/website regarding specific trades made by this apps/website. These trades and the updates regarding these trades are provided for the purposes of education and illustration about the general trading strategy discussed on this apps/website. In particular, these trades are not characterized as suitable for any individual, and should not be construed as an offer, solicitation, or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any security.

Part Two:

Stocks trading involves significant risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The customer is aware of the risks inherent in stock trading and verifies that he or she has read and understood the current disclosure document. All users of this apps/website are urged to consult with their independent financial advisors with respect to any investment. All information contained on this apps/website should be independently verified.

Part Three

Precise Mind Inc. is a technology publisher of financial information, not an investment adviser. We do not provide personalized or individualized investment advice. Any information provided as part of the Services is impersonal and not specific to any person’s investment needs. You acknowledge and agree that no Content published or otherwise provided as part of any Service constitutes a personalized recommendation or advice regarding the suitability of, or advisability of investing in, purchasing, or selling any particular investment, security, portfolio, commodity, transaction, or investment strategy.

None of our personnel, including, but not limited to, editorial staff, employees, or independent contractors (collectively, “Our Representatives”), will provide you with personalized advice regarding the value or suitability of, or advisability of investing in, purchasing, or selling, any particular investment, security, portfolio, commodity, transaction, investment strategy or any other matter, and you further agree not to request or contact us for such advice;

Part four

Precise Mind Inc. owns the intellectual property rights for all the content, information, software, products, and services on all electronic communications transmitted to members. Such material includes all charts, text, multimedia videos, images, graphics, icons, etc.

Precise Mind Inc. grants you, the member/subscriber, the right to access the information from the apps/website as well as all the available communication tools for your own personal use only. The material is not allowed to be modified or altered in any way, republished or distributed, or made available to any 3rd parties without the written consent of Precise Mind Inc..

The member/subscriber either shall not share his/her username and password with anyone for any reason.

Precise Mind Inc. retains the right to terminate any membership or subscription at any time if the member/subscriber violates the copyright and/or any above-mentioned agreement. No refund will be made. Therefore, in this case, Precise Mind Inc. also retains the right to use a legal process to involve the member/subscriber through a court of law.

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